Two pictures of a house with the sky in the background.

Many of us live in our homes longer than 10 years, so when selling, we need to refresh the look and feel of our homes to match current trends.

It’s something today’s buyers expect, and something we MUST do to stay competitive and sell for the highest price.

434 21st St

In the case of 434 21st St., Santa Monica (above), Connie’s makeover resulted in multiple above-asking offers within the first week, and it sold $230k above asking.

516 22nd St

Similarly, Connie re-made the home at 516 22nd St., Santa Monica (below), receiving FOUR offers in a single day. This home previously sat on the market for 6 months with another agent.

A reduction in price can be the start of a downward descent

A reduction of a few thousand dollars may not do much to entice buyers.

But an investment of a similar amount can make a home more appealing, and ultimately more valuable. This can lead to greater interest, and ultimately, a higher selling price.

And when a home appears more valuable (i.e. closer to the standards of today), you get buyers who are willing to pay more.

When considering whether you should spend a little bit of money to fix up your home and sell it quickly, you have to do this math: 

How does my investment on cosmetic fixes and repairs compare to the potential loss if nothing is done? 

And, importantly, what is the potential for maximum gain with those improvements?

A refresh doesn’t have to be pricy.

A refresh does not have to be pricy. It could entail simple fixes like painting, cosmetic fixes to surfaces, and light landscaping.

Knowing the right people to get this done RIGHT – and cost-efficiently – is KEY to your profit. Bad advice can cost you money.

I have been remaking homes for many years, and I work together with my clients to share the resources and experiences I have accumulated. Some of the people I refer are people I have worked with for over 15 years.

I offer this same service to my buying clients.

Instead of trying to find the help yourself, why not let me help you?

Having the professional opinion of an experienced project manager (and my team of interior designers, architects, and subcontractors), so you can start work while still in escrow, will save you time, and get your new home looking the way you want it more quickly, with fewer headaches or mistakes.

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, if you would like my opinion as to your home’s marketability in today’s climate, or if you’re considering purchasing a home that may need work, give me a call.

A before and after picture of a living room.
(516 22nd St., Santa Monica)