Selling a home well starts with being upfront and honest with the home seller.

The easiest thing a realtor can do is to agree with everything the seller says: agree with the price (even if it’s wrong), agree when the seller doesn’t want to make improvements to the house, and agree when the seller doesn’t want to spend any time or money to properly prepare the home for the market. Agreeing with the seller is the easiest thing in the world!


The thing I do differently is invest TIME in my clients. With time, trust can be earned.


I invest time and energy in sharing with the seller why I feel they need to price the home a certain way, and why they need to do certain things to the house before going on the market.


When you hire Connie, her job goes far beyond putting a sign in the yard, or holding an open house.

Failing to properly prepare a home (or make the simplest of changes, like painting a room) is one of the most common mistakes I observe. If you go online any day of the week, you will find homes with perhaps 4 or more rooms in different colors.


By contrast, newly built homes never feature that many different wall colors. I look to the example set by new home builders and upscale staging companies to gauge where buyers’ tastes are today, and apply that knowledge in my recommendations.

White Glove Consulting Service

After explaining a strategy that I think will bring the most profit to my client, I don’t just leave them alone with a Rolodex (or Google) and the task of calling everyone to get things arranged. I take care of that for them. All the seller has to do is be in agreement, and I will take care of the rest.

  • Sometimes it can take a couple of weeks to get a home ready, sometimes it requires my involvement for a couple of months. Regardless of the duration, I am always there to take the worry and the work off your plate.
  • Of course, someone has to pay for these improvements, and I work my hardest to get the best bids for my clients (should they need my assistance), and offer them only the people and resources who do an excellent job, and with whom I’ve worked over the years.
  • It’s not always necessary to buy new things – you can make drastic improvements to a home’s sellability by restyling using the owners’ existing items.

Offering this extra service is something I sincerely enjoy. I’ve done it for myself and many others over the years (just ask me about my own recent remodel!). And when I’m done, it’s not uncommon for my clients to say “Boy, maybe we shouldn’t sell, after all – the house has never looked better!” And that, to me, is the best compliment I can think of for a job well done.


If you have any questions or are just curious to pick my brain, please reach out.

Connie 310-913-1184