One of the most frustrating things in Los Angeles is the amount of competition you face when trying to buy a home or condo.

That’s why, in the month of December and part of January, there is an opportunity for buyers to get a much better deal or to be able to finally win a property at all!

Sure, it’s a little inconvenient to shop for homes during the holidays. But that is also exactly the reason most people take their eye off of buying – they’re busy with kids, vacations, holiday trips, etc. So why not take advantage?

We all know that multiple offers shut the door on many buyers or inflate prices. And, there are ways to buy a home during the holidays, and still go on your scheduled vacation – even though you’re in escrow. A full-service real estate professional can help you manage things, and even help you move.

In general, when buying real estate, you make your money on the buy – on the purchase price. With that in mind, if you’ve been looking this year, please don’t stop now! Opportunity awaits. If you need a consultation or some advice, or if you’d like me to assist you, simply call me.

~ Connie 310-913-1184

Here are a couple great homes to get you started:

BRENTWOOD: Great home in serene location (click for details)


PACIFIC PALISADES: Beautiful home in quaint, gated community, completely remodeled (click for details)