Have you ever wondered why some homes sell well and others faces challenges? Well, here are some reasons according to Trulia. As a real estate professional, I feel it is my duty to my client to keep them from facing these mistakes. A dedication of time is necessary to address these issues. Some of the issues, such as the price, or “spending money to make more money,” are difficult hurdles to overcome, but with enough time, listening, and patience, a smart plan is usually the outcome. This sets the course for the highest realistic price to be obtained. You can have a winning strategy from the start!
Below are the 8 reasons – click here to read the full article.

1. You’re overconfident

2. The house is priced too high

3. The home needs some TLC

4. There’s a problem with the title

5. Advertising photos are subpar

6. Your agent doesn’t seem to care

7. The house smells bad

8. Your appliances are old

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