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According to the most recent nationwide research, the following home remodeling projects will give you the best Return On Investment (ROI) for your remodeling projects this year. Fortunately, they are also relatively inexpensive, fast, and easy to do.


Perhaps surprisingly, the highest ROI, and in fact, the only home improvement you can make that will return more than you spend, is adding loose-fill fiberglass insulation in your attic. On a national average, this improvement will give you a 107.7% ROI.

The new insulation should be placed on top of existing insulation and applied until a thickness equating with R-30 insulation value is reached.

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The second-best remodeling improvement you can make to improve your home’s value is replacing your home’s front door. First impressions count a lot. When a buyer walks up to the front of your home, they want to be impressed. Buyers know that if they are impressed when they walk up to their new home, their friends and family will be impressed when they come to visit.

However, you can’t replace your front door with just any new front door. Research has found the type of front door that gives the highest ROI is of a very specific design.

For the highest ROI, you need to replace your existing front door and jambs with a new 20-gauge steel door, including a clear dual-pane half-glass panel, jambs, and an aluminum threshold with a composite stop. The door must be factory finished and of the same color on both sides.

So pick one or both of these projects to complete, and you will be thrilled with your new, higher home value.

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