Today I thought I’d share a fun little Throwback Thursday-style post from CurbedLA! Unbeknownst to me, I had developed a bit of a following among their staff, and didn’t know about it until a friend told me about it!

CurbedLA wrote a total of three pieces on me, and I thought I’d share one of them below. The other two were giggle-worthy – they were about how the state of my hair was an indicator of the market at the time – here is one and here’s the other. 🙂 Enjoy the rest!

And if you find yourself wondering what my hair looks like today – and what implications that has for the real estate market – by all means, give me a call 😉




From CurbedLA:

We Love Connie De Groot


Curbed is obsessed with Coldwell Banker real estate agent Connie De Groot. She’s got some nice listings and she has big hair like some of us Curbed editors. Today, she put out a press release (with music!): ‘Top Ten Things to Look for in a Realtor.’
We read it through and liked it very much although the music made us insane. But De Groot seems to have left out the tip of: “Put photo-shopped pictures of yourself in three different-colored suits on your web site.”
UPDATE: Now there are people saying the pics aren’t photo-shopped. Honestly, we need a final answer on this.
UPDATE, 2:32 PM: Connie emailed us back! Yes, the pictures ARE photo-shopped!