Let’s make May “Random Acts of Kindness” Month!

Dear Neighbors,

You probably know by now that I live North of Montana, and that I am a dog lover. If you have a dog, I’m the one who’s been leaving Milkbones at your door!

I love taking walks with my dogs, Elvis, Mr. Chester, and the Moose. 🙂 Many of you probably know them better than you know me – they’re always out and about!

Well, I had this idea that I’d love to do something nice, and pet-related, for somebody in the neighborhood.
A few months ago, I worked with a really fantastic photographer from North of Montana magazine, who took some of the best photos of my dogs, ever. So I thought, why don’t I treat one special person to a photo session with this amazing photographer. It could be taken with you and your pets both, or just your pets!

We will hold a drawing on May 25, 2017. To enter, just send your name by whatever means is easiest for you (details below).

There is no spam, no catch or sales pitch – I just want to share my love for pets with my neighbors.

You will not be called or bothered – we will simply drop off the certificate in your mailbox.


Connie De Groot

Heather Hart of A La Mode Photo



Free To Enter

Simply submit your first name & North of Montana address via any of these by May 25, 2017:

  • 310.913.1184
  • petphotosession@gmail.com
  • tinyurl.com/petphotosession

The winning certificate will be dropped in your mailbox.


  • Must be North of Montana Resident.
  • We will never spam or abuse your information.
  • There is no catch or sales pitch.