There were two new laws passed in late 2016 impacting Los Angeles home owners. I thought you should know!


Water Conserving Plumbing Fixtures Law

Starting January 1 2017, all single-family homes built before 1994 are required by law to install water conserving plumbing fixtures (whether or not the home is being sold). In addition, if you are selling your home, you will be required to disclose any non-compliant fixtures on the property. More info.

Energy-Efficient Heating & Air Installation

A new law requires participants in energy-efficiency programs for heating and air-conditioning installations provide proof that equipment is properly installed. Improper installation can prevent peak energy efficiency, and cause fires, toxic gas, and other problems. More info.

If you have any questions on either of these, please don’t hesitate to reach out. If I can’t get you the information you’re looking for, I always know a trustworthy plumber, lawyer, or contractor who can.