There was uncertainty in 2016 concerning the housing market because it was an election year, and because interest rates were expected to go up (as they have). This, in part, probably contributed to the low inventory we’ve seen recently, because many decided to take a “wait and see” approach.

Accordingly, you’d think not much was happening this time of year, but I recently put 2020 San Vicente* on the market and got an offer in just 13 days. (By contrast, the average house North of Montana sat on the market 73 days last year.) (*Update 8/5/2019: 2020 San Vicente Blvd has updated its address to 204 21st St., but is still at the same physical location.)

Since then, we have had the election, and the stock market has hit new highs. Many are forecasting a strong 2017. Let’s hope that’s the case.

As in any market, making your home look the very best it can be sets the course for the degree of success you can expect to have in this marketplace. If you want to sell for the most money possible, the key is spending time (and also money) to make any home that isn’t new look as clean as a new home – and as close to what is in style today as possible.

This is not something that can be done over night – it takes careful planning and often the assistance of a true design professional. When I list a home, I often start preparing the home for market months in advance. This way, things can be planned, there is no rush, everything’s organized, and if there’s expense involved, there’s enough time to negotiate something reasonable. (In my experience, what you don’t spend on time and money in preparation ahead of time, you will definitely spend in time and money when your house is sitting on the market with no offers.)

As a courtesy to my neighbors, past clients, and friends, I’m more than happy to share my ideas on what you could do to give your home the edge it needs. If you’d like, please give me a call, and have a happy, happy holiday.