I spent Labor Day weekend in one of the most beautiful places just outside of Los Angeles – and one most people don’t know about: Lake Arrowhead. I was there not only relaxing, but also showing a client a few properties in an area I know and love.

Many Angelenos just rely on going to the desert to relax, but I grew up in Hawaii, and it’s become a bit of a specialty of mine to scope out places that offer both natural beauty and rich recreational opportunities!

Lake Arrowhead not only offers golfing, boating, hiking, and an *excellent* shopping and dining scene, but Big Bear Mountain has the best skiing/snowboarding in the vicinity of LA.


Lake Arrowhead Country Club allows my boys (Mr. Chester and Moose, pictured here) to accompany me playing golf 🙂

If you’re looking for a second or getaway home, let me know – I have a home right on the lake, and can really show you the town. I often take clients on our boat so they can see the houses from the lake – it’s just beautiful!

Your private boat-side tour of Lake Arrowhead properties awaits!

Your private boat-side tour of Lake Arrowhead properties awaits!

View from our porch. Breathtaking! And no shortage of these views, either.


Got 2 pars and a birdie in a row! I’m happy 🙂


Ship ahoy!

Ship ahoy!

I inevitably end up in the water.

I’m a water person. When you go TO the lake, you’ve gotta go IN the lake!