I wish I were kidding, but I’m not! If you’ve been shopping around for homes in Beverly Hills Post Office the last few weeks, you know there is virtually nothing under $2M.

If there *is* something under $2M, it’s typically on a busy street or an alley street, which makes it challenging to get to and from your house, and for your guests to park.
  • This home has 4 bedrooms, is immaculate, on a quiet street, just minutes from the center of Beverly Hills, and what’s more, it’s surrounded by multi-million dollar properties (and celebrities).
  • It’s off of San Ysidro, which has LOTS of new homes (both on it and on side streets) with prices from $3M and up, so the whole area is moving up in price. With that in mind, there are only so many opportunities left in the area under $2M, so this gorgeous property is a steal.

For more info, visit the Listing Page or property website. OR, check out the video below!

And if you know anyone who might be interested, give me a call! ~Connie