The micro-negotiations that unfold during the home-buying process are often subtle. Just when you think you’ve finalized a deal – you’re in escrow, you’re just days away from closing – the buyer decides to throw you a curve ball. Even a seemingly simple home inspection is a critical juncture: many things are often discovered, buyers can ask for a large credit – they can even have a total change of heart. This is why it’s absolutely crucial to have not only an experienced realtor present at those moments, but also someone who is a *skilled* (and ideally, also trained) negotiator.

tony MO van zandt

Please excuse our gratuitous use of this meme. We just couldn’t get enough of it.


Many realtors delegate “lesser” meetings to assistants, realtors-in-training, and other “team” members. As a result, deals often fall apart, especially at the escrow stage. Connie has *never* had a single deal fall out of escrow. (Meanwhile, the average nationwide is 51%.) Those curve balls we mentioned? Connie hits a grand slam every time. No matter what happens, Connie is always there. Every client meeting, every inspection, even every contractor meeting. When you hire Connie, you get CONNIE. Not an assistant, not a delegate – you get Connie.


Please excuse our gratuitous use of this meme. We just couldn't get enough.