Today’s broker’s caravan for 333 22nd St., North of Montana, Santa Monica, was another home run!

Most brokers will do one Caravan, maybe two – and even that, later in the listing period. This house has only been on the market for a month, and Connie has already had five open houses (one before the home was even listed) and three broker’s caravans!


And you would think that by the 3rd caravan, no one would show up, but leave it to Connie to bring them in! During the week, it’s non-stop promotion of the property – all day, everyday – to get people to turn out. Plus, it didn’t hurt that Connie had homemade, organic food (made by our dear Chef Nancy) being cooked right on the spot – and the turnout was fantastic – just over the top.

We now have two new people who are considering writing an offer. Those home-made tacos, fresh-basil and cherry tomato pasta, brownies, and even chunky guacamole work every time! And the constant promotion probably didn’t hurt either 😉

Connie’s always thinking outside the box – who knows what she’ll come up with next week. Curious? Thinking of selling? Call her and find out for yourself!