Desperately seeking!

If you know of ANYONE who *might* want to sell for a high price in Mar Vista or Culver City, PLEASE let me know! I have buyers who did not get the Bledsoe property (which is in escrow) and these folks really really REALLY need to buy. AND my phone is still ringing off the hook! Mar Vista and Culver City are really, really hot areas right now – Culver City schools are quite good and a lot of young families are looking for housing there. We only had two Sunday open houses and we probably had 150 people come through the Bledsoe property, and in just a little over a week we had multiple offers. Bledsoe will sell WAY over asking price, and the seller and the buyer are both absolutely thrilled, so if you know someone who wants to sell, please let me know, my buyers are extremely motivated! 310-913-1184 or!