Spooky things can happen around Halloween, and guess what happened to me?

Lately, the weather has been gorgeous – you see Halloween decorations everywhere, and you think, “it’s gonna be 80 degrees, as if it were summer – so unusual for Halloween!”

Until…..last night.

All of a sudden, I hear wind that’s stronger than anything I’ve ever heard! Parts of the house start to tremble! I naturally think it’s an earthquake, so I jump out of bed and grab my robe in a mad dash to see how my dogsare doing – Elvis, Mr. Chester, and Moose – bracing for the big earthquake. True story!

But….nothing. Just wind.

Something tells me to open the back door toward the pool and look outside.


A FullSizeRender (2)

Here’s the fallen tree in my pool. And that’s Chester’s back end on the left!

Two ENORMOUS trees had fallen over, knocked over HALF my fence, and were now partially submerged in the deep end of the pool! They almost took down my cabana! Had the wind been blowing in a slightly different direction, they would have fallen onto to the house and into the area in which the dogs always sleep.

My heart’s still pounding – I’m still nervous. I’ve had my eye on those two trees for some time, and tried to convince the neighbors to cut them because they looked pretty darn dead. They’ve also got other trees, and they’re HUGE – if they fell on us, we’d be dead!

A2 FullSizeRender_1This happened at about 4am and I have not been able to go to sleep since. And Halloween is not even here yet!

It got me to thinking: big storms are coming this season with elNiño, and we’ve had a drought for *years.* We all need to look at our properties to see if any trees are unhealthy or might have a problem going into this season.

If you have a neighbor who has a big tree, you should probably knock on their door and have a discussion – because when the weather comes, people will be *very busy* trying to clean this. The time to call a roofer is before it starts raining. The time to get your trees looked at is before it starts raining. Last night was a prelude and I don’t want what happened to me, to happen to you!

You’ll be happy to know Elvis, Moose, Mr. Chester, and I are all well, and we will be out celebrating Halloween in full costume – pictures to come. Here are some pictures from last year!

Enjoy, and happy Halloween!

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