I have never had a listing fall out of escrow, even though the national average is 51%. Once we’re in escrow, we close!

Through my experience, my extensive network of professional and personal relationships, and the power of Nourmand & Associates, I offer you the maximal amount of resources and the best opportunity to sell your home at its optimal price.

I am your ambassador, representing you and your home in the marketplace.

I will be there at every step of the home selling process. Even a seemingly simple home inspection is a critical juncture. Many things are often discovered. Buyers can ask for a large credit. They can even have a total change of heart. No matter what happens, I am always there. When you hire Connie, you get CONNIE. Not an assistant, not a delegate – you get Connie.

And every single one of my clients is entitled to my White Glove Consulting Service.

I will not just meet your expectations — I will surpass them.

Connie De Groot: No Excuses, Just Results.