The 4th of July is the quintessential American holiday: we celebrate the US, and as one blogger put it,

“we grill, we drink, we blow stuff up.”

And everyone knows that what we’re celebrating on the 4th is independence from the British.

This holiday, WalletHub projects spending to be around $346.50 per household. On beer alone, we’re projected to spend more than $1 billion! (That’s to wash down the 150 million hot dogs, 700 million pounds of chicken and 190 million pounds of beef we eat on this occasion.)

But did you know the actual date the Declaration of Independence was actually signed is a matter of dispute among historians?

In fact, Congress voted to approve a resolution of independence on July 2, 1776, only after which they turned their attention to the Declaration of Independence, purportedly finally approving it on July 4.

And John Adams himself, in a letter to his wife Abigail (centuries before such news might be relayed by text message), wrote that July 2 “will be the most memorable epoch in the history of America…celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival.”

Yet historians have disputed whether Congress actually signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4 (even though Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin all later wrote that they had signed it on that day). Most historians have concluded that the Declaration was signed nearly a month after its adoption, on August 2, 1776, and not on July 4 as is commonly believed. (Source: Wikipedia)

Crazy, isn’t it?

Regardless of what may seem like minutiae given that it is nearly 240 years later, one thing remains true: Americans love to celebrate the 4th. (And given that the 250th anniversary is not far…can you imagine the party *that* will be?)

From everyone here at Connie’s office, we wish you a happy 4th of July!

P.S. And for you data-hounds, we present to you a fantastic graphic from WalletHub: a ranking of the BEST cities to celebrate the 4th, based on a balance of holiday cost and fun.

Source: WalletHub
Overall RankCity“Entertainment & Food” Rank“Attractions & Activities” Rank“Fourth of July Weather Forecast” Rank
1Minneapolis, MN7212
2Seattle, WA6098
3St. Paul, MN89101
4Portland, OR70816
5San Francisco, CA55205
6Irvine, CA82137
7San Diego, CA67185
8Madison, WI4566
9Atlanta, GA481733
10St. Petersburg, FL651241
11Virginia Beach, VA273124
12Oakland, CA94292
13Boston, MA64362
14Honolulu, HI972318
15Denver, CO11486
16St. Louis, MO3699
17Birmingham, AL58839
18Washington, DC51479
19Sacramento, CA612447
20Buffalo, NY411665
21Detroit, MI472258
22Omaha, NE38779
23Cincinnati, OH81287
24Tampa, FL712643
25Baltimore, MD141978
26Miami, FL533433
27New Orleans, LA211197
28Pittsburgh, PA222177
29Plano, TX564019
30Long Beach, CA784214
31Greensboro, NC314824
32Cleveland, OH921557
33Scottsdale, AZ194249
34Los Angeles, CA16638
35Aurora, CO72768
36Raleigh, NC235333
37Fremont, CA84498
38Dallas, TX445224
39Orlando, FL123384
40Boise, ID873644
41Colorado Springs, CO74263
42Milwaukee, WI203570
43Philadelphia, PA352889
44Nashville, TN335930
45San Jose, CA745416
46Austin, TX254164
47Glendale, AZ395150
48Albuquerque, NM503088
49Corpus Christi, TX426619
50Santa Ana, CA57698
51Lincoln, NE373293
52Reno, NV495650
53Durham, NC177819
54Phoenix, AZ137150
55Kansas City, MO243795
56New York, NY683967
57Norfolk, VA114773
58Chicago, IL1002559
59Fort Worth, TX408024
60Anaheim, CA866814
61Toledo, OH687912
62Lubbock, TX307733
63Irving, TX467624
64El Paso, TX796241
65Anchorage, AK993860
66Mesa, AZ107550
67Tucson, AZ284596
68Fort Wayne, IN529013
69Chesapeake, VA66070
70Baton Rouge, LA664675
71Hialeah, FL856738
72Jacksonville, FL365773
73Garland, TX917419
74Chula Vista, CA96822
75Tulsa, OK184992
76Chandler, AZ268150
77Memphis, TN548539
78Charlotte, NC99930
79Stockton, CA907244
80Riverside, CA808430
81Houston, TX456468
82Arlington, TX739319
83Winston-Salem, NC349724
84Columbus, OH756182
85Las Vegas, NV436485
86Oklahoma City, OK28676
87San Bernardino, CA939133
88Louisville, KY625898
89Lexington, KY765593
90Laredo, TX589656
91Indianapolis, IN158982
92San Antonio, TX599261
93Fresno, CA889544
94Bakersfield, CA639747
95Jersey City, NJ986972
96Wichita, KS3282100
97Gilbert, AZ2910050
98Newark, NJ957381
99Henderson, NV838790
100North Las Vegas, NV779491