(From L to R: Olga, Justin, Nela, and Connie.)

Today was an outdoor day at Connie De Groot’s office!

We were out in Beverly Hills, starting out on San Ysidro Dr, promoting a listing to the neighborhood, and looking for more inventory for some clients. Our clients are relying on us to do more than just look in the MLS and makea few phonecalls, so here we were!

We had a great time today, met several neighbors, and even met the Beverly Hillssecurity team – apparently someone thoughtwe were trying to steal their mail! To the contrary, we gave the securityteam something -the same thingwe gave the rest of the neighbors: a flyer in the event they know someone looking to make a move!



Justin, Nela, and Olga at the top of the hill. The view was totally worth it!