Home buyers are looking to purchase homes on social media and this, my friends, is the future of real estate because who has time to visit each home personally? As a busy real estate broker, it’s difficult to be in 10 places at once so I understand how home buyers must feel when running all over Los Angeles to open houses. It’s frustrating, overwhelming and time consuming. Now, Å“more than three-fourths of home buyers used social media in their home search, up from 52 percent who used it in 2011.  Buyers said they primarily used social media to obtain buying tips and suggestions from friends (44 percent), neighborhood information (44 percent), and to view their agents’ Facebook pages (42 percent), (CAR.org). New apps like Realtor.com can show home buyers what’s available with a swipe of a finger. Realtor.com keeps in touch by sending buyers personal e-mails with updated homes and new locations. It’s hassle free and painless.

IMPORTANT: Once you have that information and you know which property or properties you want, then it’s time to call a real estate professional like myself. A real estate prof can help you construct an offer with the best price and terms while protecting your interest at all times.

Also, if you’re interested in selling your home quietly, it can be done! Most recently, I just leased a home on 17th St (400 block) within two days for $15,500/mo. (3600 sq. ft.) without putting it on the internet or in The MLS (it was done quietly so information is limited, but if you’d like to know more, contact me). If perhaps you or someone you know want to sell your property quietly without putting a sign up or putting it in The MLS, give me a call because I feel confident I can work successfully under those parameters.

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