There’s no better place to start your business than to start-up in California.  Start-ups flocked to San Francisco, but more companies are popping up in Santa Monica and why not? You can’t beat Santa Monica’s beautiful weather 365 days a year that makes June gloom look appealing compared to rain and snow. We call it Silicon Beach.  There’s a relaxed, happier vibe that’s only offered in Santa Monica and many people are opting to start their own business because after work they can venture out to the beach to surf!  You can ride your bike to work every day.  You can take a yoga class during lunch. The opportunities are limitless.

There’s a new group in town and they’re fresh, smart, outgoing professionals. Start-ups like Snapchat, DailyLook and BUZZMEDIA.  Many companies have the potential to grow even bigger with media and the entertainment industry in their backyard. Santa Monica is an incubator for ground-breaking ideas!  There are larger start-ups such as BeachMint, The Honest Company, Riot Games. Each company have developed tremendously over time and blossomed to become one of the top performers in their field.

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