In recent Hollywood Entertainment news, Kim and Kanye have decided to put their $11 million dollar dream home on the market due to long overdue and tedious renovations. E! Online claims, The 9,000 square-foot mansion located in Bel-Air includes five bedrooms and seven bathrooms and has been under renovation since the couple purchased it in January 2013. And due to the construction, North West and her parents have been living with Kris Jenner for well over a year. Most potential buyers will usually not find their perfect dream home, but if you can dream it, you can build it with a little bit of time and effort. First, potential buyers need to think about their renovation timeframe. Will it be manageable and how much labor will be involved? Second, if the timeframe exceeds your desired move in date, will you be able to afford the time spent on finishing your home? Lastly, have you researched potential homes in your neighborhood and understand the history of your home? Just remember, patience is key to successfully finding your dream home. It’s an arduous task to build your dream home, but well worth the time and energy once your project is complete!

Remodeling a home, whether this is something you’ve done for the first or thousands of times before, and with the guidance of experienced professionals can be more challenging than anticipated like in the case of Kim and Kanye. They hired professional to assist them, but even with all that help, things didn’t go according to plan. It’s not about the amount of money being spent because even with all that money, your project can still take forever and become tremendously messy.

If they were to ask for my advice, it would be to make sure each decision maker had a clear vision (i.e. style, amenities, features) of what the home would look like and that each person put it in writing. The next step would be for each to share and then come to an agreement on big things such as style of home all the way down to the smaller things like light fixtures. Everything that is agreed upon should be in a written contract and signed by all parties. Lastly, meet with some professionals, such as, contractors and interior designers to discuss the plans you agreed on and then based on their advice revisit points and revise your plan. This will give you the best chance of staying on track and keeping your relationship together!

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