Connie’s Best Door Competition begins in March in Santa Monica, nominate your favorite door!

You would be surprised by the number of amazing front doors you probably drive past every day. In visiting with my neighbors North of Montana in Santa Monica, I have come to know that many such doors have been designed by the home owner or brought back from far away places. The stories about these doors are diverse and often unbelievable. As a Real Estate Professional, I do share with home sellers that often buyers make up their mind about a home (atheir first impression) at curbside and spend the remaining time trying to justify their first impression. The front door can bring a powerful advantage or unfortunate disadvantage to the home selling result. As we all know, buying a home has so much to do with emotion and although it seems silly that someone would get excited by a home because of a front door, the emotional effects felt are subtle such that the buyer may not realize what is happening. This is why preparing a home and/or staging a home is crucial.

Anyway, next time you find yourself admiring your neighbors front door, let them know! Everyone likes a compliment and besides, they may share a very interesting story as to how and why they acquired that particular door.

I would be interested to see doors you admire in your neighborhood. Please share.