What’s up with housing? The Case-Schiller Index showed declines in every city in the 20 city index except San Diego and Washington D.C.! San Diego shows only a slight gain in home prices while Washington soars by comparison with an increase of 3.6 % in Jan 2011 from a year earlier. Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco have very slight changes but other cities are not doing so well. Why are things so different in Washington D.C.? Connie shares her thoughts and discusses the Case- Schiller Index just released!!

Jan 2011 home prices fall from Jan 2010 but these cities doing the best:

Los Angeles Down 1.8%
San Francisco Down 1.7%
San Diego Up 1 %
Boston Down .06%
Cities now below 2000 price levels!
Cleveland Down 3.8%
Detroit Down 8.1%
Las Vegas Down 4.4 %
Atlanta Down 7 %
Other Cities with Declines in January year over year:
Phoenix Down 9.1 %
Chicago Down 7.5 %
Miami Down 4.7 %
New York Down 3.0 %
Dallas Down 2.8 %