Well you must be very frustrated. You are not alone! This market is challenging to even the most experienced Seller but by going BACK TO BASICS you will be on the right road to accomplishing your goals.

Here are a few tips to get started:

1. Buying a home is an EMOTIONAL PURCHASE for most. Above all, your home must cause a buyer to become so attached that they ignore all the bad housing news, the joblessness and fears of such a large financial obligation. And Buyers start deciding if your home will work at your curb! Stand at your curb and be honest with yourself, does your home look impressive or well maintained? Next, walk inside and go into every room and ask yourself if EVERY room has a VALUE a buyer will recognize and does each space have a “good feeling?” If the answer is no, you will need to get to work. This market requires EVERY SELLER to do their best or buyers will make low offers or worse, no offer. There are ways to make your home more attractive without spending much. Just call me for a consultation.

2. When a buyer walks into your home, can they see themselves having dinner, relaxing by the fireplace with family, celebrating holidays? If all they see is your decor, your religion, your hobbies they will have trouble getting past you. The buyer may not become attached and most probably, will not offer to purchase your home. The smallest thing can sell a house. A warm cozy area with a fireplace, unique hardware on doors, a front door, lots of pots with flowers, it’s endless. EMOTION is the key to an OFFER..

3. Show all the best aspects of your home when a buyer tours your home. Turn those fireplaces ON, even in the summer. Have pleasant smells, nice temperatures, appeal to all senses and be creative. The Seller should NEVER EVER be in the home at the time the buyer is there. No one wants to buy a home they feel uncomfortable inside- need I say more?

4. Small rooms often become forgotten. When a buyer makes an offer they will give value (dollars) to what they remember and recognize as valuable. Therefore, give a use to every room and area to get more $$$$. Small yards are a big reason people will not purchase a home so don’t make the mistake of doing nothing with your outdoors. Put nice furniture outside (borrow if you must) and try to have pots with flowers and green grass or something that is pleasing to the eye. A few changes can get a buyer to see himself/herself entertaining outdoors or relaxing outside on a beautiful afternoon. This small yard ,previously something negative and with little use, can easily be turned it into a charming outdoor living space that adds value $$$ to your home and the potential for higher offers!

If you are thinking of selling in Los Angeles, I would be happy to help you prepare your home to GET YOUR HOME SOLD.

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Written By: Connie De Groot