I assume that you are looking to purchase a property in Beverly Hills. If you have access to the Multiple Listing Service, you will see an assortment of properties in Beverly Hills but a Beverly Hills Real Estate Agent will quickly bring to your attention the fact that there are two areas in this famous 90210 zip code: Beverly Hills and Beverly Hills Post Office. Beverly Hills Post Office has that famous zip code and runs adjacent to Beverly Hills but it is not in the City of Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills Post Office is located in the City of Los Angeles. Prices are often lower in Beverly Hills Post Office but know that this area has no shortage of multi-million dollar properties or famous residents. While Beverly Hills Post Office will not give you or your home access to the excellent Beverly Hills Schools, Beverly Hills Police or the Beverly Hills Fire Department it does offer beautiful lush canyon surroundings and a calm and privacy that so many prefer and all this is just minutes from the center of Beverly Hills.

In my daily business showing properties, I often run across buyers and their agents that do not know these two areas and the differences. Working with a Beverly Hills Real Estate Agent will afford you so much about the area so that you can better decide what works best for you and how to value each situation.

Another benefit of working with a Beverly Hills Real Estate Agent is that they know of, or an associate in their office might know of, homes that will be coming to market; therefore, it is quite possible you could find out about a home well before it is put into the Multiple Listing Service. It is also very important to be sure that the Realtor you are considering also works full-time in the business. I once sold a home to a buyer that had a Realtor assist them and that Realtor actually worked full-time in retail! It was a nightmare trying to arrange inspections on this 2 million dollar home and to do all that needed to be done around her 9 to 5 job! And here is the most frightening thing about it, how much do you think that Realtor knew about prices in the area? How often do you think this Realtor viewed homes especially since she couldn’t see homes during the week when all the other Realtors looked at new listings? How much information do you think she could offer the Buyer regarding the offer price? Let me just say that the Buyer’s Realtor asked ME, the listing agent representing the Seller, what the buyer should offer. This worked out very well for my client but how well do you think the Buyer did on this purchase?

Whether buying or selling a home, having a Beverly Hills Real Estate Agent that has little experience or is now working part-time can cost you money or it can cost you that home you desperately wanted to buy and sadly lost in a multiple offer situation. Buying and selling in this highly competitive area is best handled by experienced professionals. The real estate ranges from a little under one million to well over one hundred million so with that much money on the line, you must seek the very best and not rely solely on the recommendation of a friend as so many often do. This is your money and you should be the judge, don’t delegate this decision onto anyone else.

If you are searching Beverly Hills Real Estate Agent because you are not too familiar with this famous zip code 90210 then this paragraph is for you. As I mentioned earlier, there are two areas called Beverly Hills 90210. Homes in Beverly Hills Post Office, what we locals call “The Post Office”Â, are located just north of Sunset Blvd in the Canyon Hills. The main 2 streets that run thru this area are Benedict Canyon Drive and Coldwater Canyon Drive. This area is lovely and many of the homes have city views, privacy and a quiet surrounding all while being only minutes away from the center of Beverly Hills. The other Beverly Hills is in the city of Beverly Hills and can be recognized if you look at the street signs or stop signs. Beverly Hills proper has attached, a small white sign “BH” and Beverly Hills Post Office has a larger blue rectangular sign.

While shopping for a home you might get hungry and residents of Beverly Hills have an abundance of fabulous restaurants. Canon Drive has become the “restaurant” street and this is also where my office is located! There is something for everyone here and prices vary. Please know that smoking is prohibited in Beverly Hills but pets are welcome. Take your pooch shopping at Barneys or Neiman Marcus or sit at one of the many restaurants with outdoor seating and park your pooch right beside your table. A Beverly Hills Real Estate Agent will be able to share with you this information and so much more.

I have had some of the most exciting experiences working here in Beverly Hills. And since 2007, I have been invited to appear on CNN, FOX BUSINESS and local networks to speak on housing issues and others related to home buyers and home sellers. I am licensed both as Realtor and a Broker working with the Number 1 Coldwell Banker office in the world. Our office sells more homes in Beverly Hills than any other office or company in Beverly Hills.

I hope you found the information helpful and should you need further assistance I would be happy to help.