Buying a home for the first time is exciting but it can also be very scary. In working with first-time buyers I have found that by explaining the entire process and by giving buyers a timeline of what and when they can expect things to occur, tensions are greatly reduced and the joy of buying a home remains most prominent.

In today’s market we have further challenges that have caused many buyers to be unsuccessful. Careful preparation needs to begin long before house hunting. A buyer today must have excellent credit and the resources for a reasonable down payment. I also encourage buyers not to spend at their uppermost limit as banks sometimes change their demands at the last minute asking the borrower to come up with a larger down payment. If this should happen after all contingencies have been removed, the buyer could have his 3percent deposit at risk.

These surprises can take all the joy out of buying but with careful planning at the beginning, and having an experienced, well respected advisor, you will give yourself the best chance to be successful buying or selling.

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