Throughout my career in this industry I have heard stories from home sellers and home buyers about Realtors that have been less than helpful or that they blame their Realtor in part for troubles with their current home. Some of these stories are rather funny and we all laugh together but many are not as they have cost some people great financial hardship.

Buying and Selling such a large asset should be considered carefully and the highest expectations should be set for the individual representing that valuable asset. Referrals are often a good course to take when searching for an outstanding individual but there are many reasons someone is pleased with their experience and one person’s satisfaction may not hold true for you.

To really find the top person in your area you must interview the individual and first see if he or she is a comfortable fit. Next, you must know the right questions to ask a Realtor or you may not get an accurate picture of what that person can offer you.

And here’s where I can help! Being a Realtor I know the right questions to ask and what the appropriate responses should be from a skilled Realtor. Recently, I have been offering, to anyone in the United States, my service to interview Real Estate Agents and then send only the very best Realtors from your local area to your front door. All this is to make it easier for you and to hopefully get you the best possible service and experience!

So if you are looking to Buy or to Sell and want my help, just give me a call and I will get to work within 24 hours. My help will NOT COST YOU ANYTHING. Please just call me or send me an email with your contact information.

You May Reach Connie De Groot at: Ph 310 913-1184
You May Email Connie Directly at: [email protected]