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Connie, I very much enjoyed your video (Real Estate Confidential)… I believe you upheld the highest principles of ethics in our business in the manner that you addressed the issues at hand with your clients. Thank you for making Coldwell Banker look good. All best wishes to you, Connie. Keep up the good work. Betty Graham

President and COO, Coldwell Banker - LA & OC

Once in a while someone special appears in this business, and her name is Connie DeGroot. She has the ability to create enthusiasm, energy, and excitement about listings like none other in this business. Her work ethic is of the highest caliber, with total dedication to her clients that is unparalleled in this business. Stan Richman

Former Manager, Coldwell Banker Beverly Hills North, #1 Office Internationally in Residential Sales

More about Connie…

Widely recognized for her expertise, Connie De Groot is a real estate executive who has appeared as industry commentator on numerous television news shows addressing market trends and breaking housing news since 2007. Connie has been asked to respond to Warren Buffett’s comments on housing, and has appeared alongside Senators and industry leaders like Spencer Rascoff, COO of, Karl Case of the Case-Shiller Index, and Dolly Lenz, a well known East Coast high end/luxury real estate agent. Her national appearances include NBC’s “Open House LA” and The Fine Living Network’s “Real Estate Confidential.” Ms. De Groot appears as an industry commentator on the Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network with hosts Neil Cavuto, Liz Claman, David Asman, Stuart Varney, Eric Bolling, Sean Hannity, and Terry Keenan (see videos of her appearances), and has appeared on CNN, NBC, CBS, HGTV, and almost every local station in Los Angeles. Finally, she has provided comments for the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Sun Times, Los Angeles Business Journal, Woman’s World, InTouch Weekly, and Life & Style Weekly.

Connie serves as Director of Aaroe Estates and Broker Associate with John Aaroe Group, and continues to represent buyers and sellers of homes throughout the Los Angeles area, including in Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Santa Monica, and Hollywood.

Connie grew up in Hawaii, lived in Europe for almost 7 years, and has called the North of Montana area of Santa Monica home for the past 10 years.


When you can’t stand to be away from your pets!

Ahead of a recent vacation, I found myself dreading not seeing my three English labs, whom my readers know well by now: Moose, Mr. Chester, and Elvis. It’s hard leaving our devoted pets at home! But then I stumbled across the PetChatz pet camera. It’s a two-way audio/visual system and treat dispenser – so I could keep in touch and even spoil them from afar! Needless to say, I jumped right on buying it. With the PetChatz app, my pups could hear my voice, see me, and even send me a text message while I was gone! It was like a baby monitor on steroids. If you’re facing a vacation, or even if you just miss your pet throughout the day, consider getting one of these. You’ll be glad you...

New year, new laws!

There were two new laws passed in late 2016 impacting Los Angeles home owners. I thought you should know!   Water Conserving Plumbing Fixtures Law Starting January 1 2017, all single-family homes built before 1994 are required by law to install water conserving plumbing fixtures (whether or not the home is being sold). In addition, if you are selling your home, you will be required to disclose any non-compliant fixtures on the property. More info. Energy-Efficient Heating & Air Installation A new law requires participants in energy-efficiency programs for heating and air-conditioning installations provide proof that equipment is properly installed. Improper installation can prevent peak energy efficiency, and cause fires, toxic gas, and other problems. More info. If you have any questions on either of these, please don’t hesitate to reach out. If I can’t get you the information you’re looking for, I always know a trustworthy plumber, lawyer, or contractor who can. Best,...

Year-End Thoughts

There was uncertainty in 2016 concerning the housing market because it was an election year, and because interest rates were expected to go up (as they have). This, in part, probably contributed to the low inventory we’ve seen recently, because many decided to take a “wait and see” approach. Accordingly, you’d think not much was happening this time of year, but I recently put 2020 San Vicente on the market and got an offer in just 13 days. (By contrast, the average house North of Montana sat on the market 73 days last year. ) Since then, we have had the election, and the stock market has hit new highs. Many are forecasting a strong 2017. Let’s hope that’s the case. As in any market, making your home look the very best it can be sets the course for the degree of success you can expect to have in this marketplace. If you want to sell for the most money possible, the key is spending time (and also money) to make any home that isn’t new look as clean as a new home – and as close to what is in style today as possible. This is not something that can be done over night – it takes careful planning and often the assistance of a true design professional. When I list a home, I often start preparing the home for market months in advance. This way, things can be planned, there is no rush, everything’s organized, and if there’s expense involved, there’s enough time to negotiate something reasonable. (In my experience, what you don’t spend on time and...

Highest level of personalized service

Connie De Groot represents some of the finest properties and homes not only in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, but all over Los Angeles. If your home is represented by Connie, you can trust that she will offer the highest level of personalized service along with a world-wide internet marketing strategy that includes three personal websites and 40 Domains in order to bring buyers from all over the world to your front door!

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